Saturday, 25 September 2010

Enter the Job Market

So your are looking for a job or a new career, however you feel this is going to be a daunting experience.Maybe you have been in your job for sometime and have been subjected to redunancy or this is your first foray into the market as a newly qualified graduate.Whatever your personal circumstances, looking for a job or new career is in fact a job in itself.This in fact means that careful preparation is of utmost importance so that you maximise every opportunity.In the main you only have one shot at an advertised job which means there is far more to the process than just sending your CV.
Ok then , so what is needed to secure that interview or at least receive a positive response.THAT IS THE BIG QUESTION?
Planning your assault on the market needs careful planning,time management, goal setting and prioritizing your actions.
Solutioncoach is there is to guide and support you as you search for that ultimate dream and make it a reality.

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