Thursday, 19 March 2009

Job Search and Interview Skills

The job market in all spheres has become increasingly difficult and somewhat depressive.The stress of searching for a new job due to the prolific redundancies and closure of businesses is presenting a daunting real life scenario.
A significant amount of people have not applied for a job or been for an interview for many years and are therefore inadequately prepared for what can be a harrowing experience.Attending an interview with insufficient preparation will definitely decrease the candidate's chances of being considered for that opportunity ahead of a well prepared individual.
We can compare the situation to a sportsperson who is aiming to reach the top in their sport. They attend regular practice sessions lead by a coach who has the skills to extract the very best performance out of that person.
Your career or job is a controlling factor that determines whether you lead a content lifestyle or struggle within yourself to get ahead in life.
A consultation with one of our Job Skills Coaches can be the best investment you make today.

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