Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Lost Generation

We keep speaking and writing about " the lost generation", however what does this really mean.Lets think beyond the statistics and look at effective and meaningful ways to encourage and support this generation of jobseekers who ultimately need to find security and move their lives forward in a positive progression.
Now this could effecitvely mean the new school leaver, graduate or the"older generation".Everyone needs support direction and purpose in their quest for gainful and meaningful employment.
Lets firstly look at the 18-24 market. This encompasses a vast variety of young adults either having just left school or newly graduated.
So where to do they go from this point. The graduate believes that having attained a degree it will be their path to immediate employment.Wrong!What a personal let down having got themselves into financial debt to attain this degree and now unable to secure employment.
Very little emphasis is placed on the route to job seeking or what is required to secure that commercial position.
The word "experience" is too often used by business and recruiters- too much or too little-never or seldom the right amount.
So what do you do ....
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