Monday, 12 January 2009

Solution to Time

Effective time management applies to all situations in life no matter what the circumstances.What does the word time really mean to us and more importantly to you.
I would suggest that the word means TODAY I MUST EXCEL!or the E can mean exceed or expect or engage or exaggerate or encompass .The word time effectively controls our lives whether we believe it or not.As the saying goes it waits for no man.
So why do we all choose not to adopt that precious commodity and maximize its usage.
Once too often we hear "I will do it later" or " I don't have time today"
This basic life phenomena is all too often brushed aside because we choose not to admit the we all suffer from the real life phobia called " procrastination".In other words we have became a "tomorrow " society.
One of the most difficult daily life routines is basic effective time usage.It just seems to run away and of course it is one of the many things that money cannot buy.
So why is it then that we don't value this precious irreplaceable life source?

Solution coach is there to guide in your personal quest to maximize this very special skill without taking the fun out of life

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