Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Re-jiggle your work strategy!

I realise that we go to work and think "Do I still want to work there?"Has that ever crossed your mind? I am sure it has entered your train of thought at some time in your career. The thing is what you do about it. The fact is no one’s job is perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Whether it is the physical side of the job or the daily intensity that makes you think about change. The important aspect to note is not to resign from your role until you have explored all avenues that could help you re-develop your role and stay where you are currently employed. All too often we make that irrational decision, resign and say "Oh dear, now what?" So how can you improve your current disposition and re-jiggle your work strategy? That is indeed the question you could ask yourself. A good starting strategy would be take a pen and paper and review your own current performance. Maybe think about are you doing justice to the role itself. Could it possibly be your own integration with your manager and co-workers. How focused have you been in ensuring that the role becomes your own. It could be time to step back, and not mingle with negative people and their nuances. This is just a brief outline of how you can improve your feelings about your current role. I have no doubt you can and will come up with more good and positive thoughts. Till next time... Solutioncoach

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