Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Effectively Manage your Career

Too many professionals allow others to manage their career instead of taking control themselves. We tend to get caught up in the process of the actual work instead of managing the career. It is imperative that you actually know what you want by setting goals and re-visiting them on a regular basis. They need to be visible at all times and measured against achievement. Probably a good way is to incorporate your performance reviews and check whether they complement each other. Feedback can be positive or negative, however it is what you do with it from that point, that is most important. Open your mind to these at all times which, in turn, will elevate your career. Keep focused on industry articles and books and make comments on them. This way you could develop into the “go to person" for advice. Team members are always looking to someone to help them with a problem. By becoming this person it will definitely enhance your career within the company. Do not be afraid to put yourself forward for new projects that may arise even if you think you don’t quite have the expertise. Make it known that you want to gain new skill and are prepared to go for new advanced experiences. Spend valuable spare time updating your professional and personal profile. This creates activity within the media, lets people know that you're around and your profile becomes more visible. Only you can manage your career and create a solution to promoting yourself for the future. Till next time… Solutioncoach

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