Sunday, 23 February 2014

Why didn't I get hired or called for an interview?

A common question across the spectrum of the jobsearch sector."Why didnt I get hired or called for an interview?". There are many reasons, however let us focus on just a one for now which I think has the most profound effect on the question.Intially when you apply for a particualr role it is mostly assumed that you have some sort of qualification or experience to do the job effectively.Well,otherwise why did you then apply knowing that you don't really have the correct profile to be a successful candidate.It is your attitude that carries the most weight in all aspects of the journey to success. What I mean is two-fold. Your attitude to the application and your attitude in the interview. Your demeanour will always determine the result that you achieve and at the end of the day who can answer the question. Only you and no one else. Till next time Solutioncoach

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