Sunday, 24 November 2013

Interview question fascination!

I am always fascinated by the two interview questions that seem to be used very often ." What is your biggest weakness or what is your biggest strength"?I think it is often thought of as a trick to try and catch interviewees off guard or to really observe their reaction to these nebulous questions.Having experienced the usage of these ad nauseam ad infinitum, I am beginning to think that they are frivilous and certainly no value to either party.I think asking the weakness question is a trap to extrapilate useless and intimidating information from the interviewee.It forces the situation into sharing personal information in the process which is not required at this stage of the interview. I know that sharing a weakness can be extremely detrimental to the outcome of the interview and the possibilty of not being appointed to the role certainly increases.Therefore if you are prepared and think the question might be asked, try not to bring in any emotional viewpoint at all.An example would be " I get cross very easily if the work doesn't get completed" or "I get bored when people speak too much". It is always best to keep it simple . The strengths question could give you a chance to re-iterate your capiblity , however it is boring for the interviewer to hear " I have the experience" or " I am a quick learner". Try and think of something unique and exciting about yourself. The main issue is always be prepared because you just never know when these questions might arise. Till next time.... Solutioncoach

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