Saturday, 26 October 2013

Jobsearch Power-How to create a winning formula

How can you energize yourself everyday to find the job role that you have been searching for over the last few months?Doing focused research is a balance between daily preparation and personal time management. Dedication to the task will produce the result that you want sooner than you think.So lets look at a few practical tips to make it happen: 1)Get out of bed at a time same as if you were going to work 2)Dress smart and in the same way as if you were going for an interview or off to your employment.Poodling around in your night apparel is a definite No No ! 3)Take the regulation breaks during the day such as tea and lunch breaks.This will help you keep in a routine mode 4)Keep a spreadsheet or record of your applications so that you can refer back to them for follow up I know this takes strict discipline however the turn around time will be quicker.Your confidence and self-worth will treble in value and with it your road to success will be attained. Till next time... Solutioncoach

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