Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Compass and the Goal

First of January 2012 is no different from any other.So why do I say that?Well its that time for those "New Years Resolutions".All the over indulgence over the last few weeks is beginning to tell whether it be around the hips and tummy or the pocket.Personal concerns start to creep in and the guilt starts playing havoc with the mind.You begin to question your actions and punish yourself for acting first then thinking about the consequences.
All is not lost if you just take a few moments to convert your "News Years Resolutions" to actual written goals.The commitment to paper is the hardest part of the process because it is your note to yourself.It is your agreement between your mental and your physical and we all know no one is happy when an agreement is broken.
So then why the compass?It is so easy to go off course if we don't have a mechanism to keep the journey in check.Can you imagine the disaster if a pilot didn't check the routing regularly and suddenly found himself on the wrong flight path.Could be a catastrophe.So therefore a regular reality check is vital to achieving your goals.Make that compass check a daily and weekly occurrence. It is your meeting with yourself to confirm that you are on track to success.
Till next time....
Stay focused!

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